Before you start looking at houses, READ THIS!

To save yourself the pain and heartache that comes from falling in love with unaffordable houses, you will want to start your home search with this key step:


What is a pre-approval?

This is a document that states that you have submitted all the documentation a financial institution needs to see in order to deem you qualified to buy a house.

In other words, it let's everyone (including yourself) know that you are a qualified buyer and able to purchase a home with the help with a mortgage.

How do you get a pre-approval?

The process is simple and quick.

1. You reach out to your bank or a mortgage broker- like Tewes Mortgage.

2. They will want to check your credit score, bank statements, and tax returns. Upon assessing these documents and information, they can determine a home price point that you would be qualified to purchase.

Why do you need a pre-approval?

- Saves you the heartache of falling in love with a house that you can't afford.

- If you're not buying cash, you need to get a mortgage so it's best to start that process early.

- You will be able to look at homes knowing exactly how much your down payment and monthly payments will be, giving you the confidence to shop for and fall in love with the right home.

PRO TIP: Buying a home is a marathon, not a sprint. Even if you're not planning on buying for 9-12 months, start the process EARLY in order to make sure all your ducks are in a row and ready for when you are actually ready to buy a house!

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