Buyer Beware! Don't let the rug fool you.

Even after 7 years of selling homes in Central Florida, I still find myself learning something new with every single sale.

This lesson came just last week when a friend had purchased a home from a lovely family who was moving out of state.

There were many rugs throughout the home, which can make a home feel more cozy and comfortable.

Little to our knowledge and come to find out after we closed, one of the rugs was hiding a deficiency in the dinning room floor.

The flooring we saw around the rug was tile, but underneath we found not only a patch of carpet, but also a patch of NO flooring- just concrete! SURPRISE!

We were able to come to an agreement over cost of redoing this space with the listing brokerage. But a lesson was learned:

*During your viewing or inspection: Check under all rugs. Look behind all furniture against the walls. Inspect the walls and flooring thoroughly!*

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